Kid's Faith Groups

Kid's Faith Group classes are offered all the way from Kindergarten - 6th grade.  Classes are divided based upon age/grade levels that can work cooperatively and are on similar learning levels. Bible preaching, teaching and singing are important for children as well as adults. Kid's Faith Group is an environment where kids are challenged by the Word of God on their level. It's also a place where children develop friendships with their peers and have opportunities to share their talents with one another, thus preparing them for "big church" in the years ahead. Though we have loads of fun in Sunday School, everything we do with the kids is based upon God's living and active Word: the Bible.

The goal of Kid's Faith Group is to give children the foundation they need, to lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus, and then transform their lives for Jesus. Our teachers strive to present material in ways that each and every child can understand. Our teachers work hard during the week to ensure that lessons are adequately prepared in a way children will understand.